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You need to work with expert professionals who can deliver optimal results. Yes, B2K is of that category and had sustained a long-term relationship with all its clients. Intending to meet your expectations, B2K has devised processes and control mechanisms to ensure seamless production and execution of projects well ahead of time. With an emphasis on continuous improvement, we focus on quality, thus allowing our deliverables to speak for ourselves.

With its streamlined production methodology and customer-centric approach, B2K delivers value for the cost. We see every opportunity as a potential chance to develop a long-lasting association and work closely with our clients to understand their peculiar needs and work on our system, tuning it to produce the expected output. The specialists are nurtured and trained to deal with all aspects of our services offerings.

Envisaged to deliver services of appreciable value, B2K currently offers a full range of prepress services for the publishing segment. Handwritten manuscripts are converted to editable electronic copies and are then edited for content clarity before being taken for design and layout using XML centric or Non-XML workflows along with relevant images. The processed content thus transforms into a book or a journal for print and the final CRC is then converted to digital deliverables like XML, HTML, SGML, and eBooks for online medium.

For the Translation and Localization industry, B2K offers and exclusive suite of Content and graphics manipulation services. The hard copies or digital copies without source files are recreated. The content is localized from one language to another without disturbing the order of the layout and style. The multilanguage DTP services inclusive of Typesetting, Image Creation, and Correction, Traditional Copy & Paste works aids translation companies and agencies to reduce their process time.

The Graphics and imaging solutions offered by B2K are of high quality as it brings to life, the old memories while creating new ones. The restoration and enhancement option gives the organization and individuals to re-create the old. Right from portraits to Wedding Albums, Industrial Photos to Maps, Image Documents either Digital or Hard copies, and Files in outdated storage medium are transformed and transferred to the requisite medium.

On the Financial & Accounting services front, B2K is well stated to provide a full suite of data management services like Accounting Data Entry, Invoice Data Entry, Financial Data Entry, Book Keeping, and Tax Preparation works. The upper range services like Reconciliation of Accounting Receivables & Accounts payables, P&L Statements, Inventory Management, and Payroll processing.

B2K offers exclusive services for the Healthcare vertical, with a wide array of services from its highly secured environment, through its skilled workforce by following the HIPAA requirements. Inclusive of Medical Data Entry, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, and Transcription, B2K also offers AR Management Services and Medical Records Management to its clientele of Healthcare organizations and service providers.

Our Services

In the digital world of today, technology rules every aspect of life. Right from the medium of communication.

In today’s global business environment adaptive approach towards competition provides and extra edge.

With a team of experts in document imaging services, B2K captures and converts the digital data to the desired format as required.

B2K has vast experience in the process of developing and provision of materials for online learning to impart information, skills, and knowledge.

It is important to have proper accounting of the transactions to have a better cashflow for effective planning and efficient managing.

The availability of correct information is the centre point of any organization as it helps in effective decision making and future plans.

Lots of advantages

At B2K, customer comes first and all the measures are structured at increasing efficiency and increase the profitability of the customers by giving them the faster time to market. Partnering with B2K not only brings quality output on time but also offers other benefits as listed below.

  • Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Data Backup
  • Infrastructure
About Image