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B2K offers our Healthcare customers “one stop shopping” for all their practice management needs. Alignment with client and US Business hours. Workload is balanced across multiple centres to maximize the use of local resources.B2K welcome the opportunity to work with each customer in thetechnology environment they are most comfortable. We providelow cost, high quality billing staff and Medical transcriptionists at your 50 percent current cost.B2K being leader in Medical Transcription works on accuracy of the medical records with 99.3 %. The average experience of an MLS in B2K is 6 years and average experience of a QA is 10 years.

Virtual Healthcare Documentation

Medical Transcription

Medical Billing And Coding

Virtual Healthcare and Documentation


B2K  has pioneered a unique service of virtual electronic health record called vEHR. We work with hospitals and clinics to input patient data from doctors’ recordings, directly onto the prescribed EHR of the hospital facility. We offer this service 24/7/365. All Health Records can be updated using either recorded or live voice instructions or scanned notes. We train our staff, with medical transcription background, on various EHR templates and ensure that accurate records are captured.

vEHR provides manifold benefits and allows physicians to improve patient care, instead of spending time on feeding patient data onto EHR. With the vEHR advantage, physicians can:

  • Increase practice efficiencies and cost savings
  • Improve accuracy of diagnoses and health outcomes
  • Improve quality and convenience of patient care
  • Increase patient participation in their care

With the vEHR advantage and more complete patient information, providers improve their ability to make well-informed treatment decisions quickly and safely.

Medical Transcription

We are a leader in providing quality medical transcription and medical record solutions since 2006. Our medical transcription services are available for individual physicians, clinics, hospitals, and MTSO’s. Our quality medical transcription services are highly cost effective with quick turnaround time 2 to24 hours. Our focus is assisting our clients to attain efficient, productive and cost-effective solutions to their dictation and transcription. We understand that each physician has different expectations and requirements; therefore, we prioritize client specified rules and instructions for quality assessment. We follow a three-tier quality control system to ensure maximum accuracy. By focusing on quality in all aspects of our transcription solutions, we avoid errors and re-works —saving you time and money.

We hire only the best people and employ a series of metrics at each stage of the transcription process to ensure we deliver quality results. Speed is essential for success in both patient care and revenue cycle management. We’re always effectively staffed to ensure production coverage in peak volume periods.


Medical Transcription Services

99% Accuracy

No Minimum

No Voice Recogonisation
Softwares Used

Transcription Only

Medical Billing and Coding


Medical Billing

B2K Billing Services provides a professional, expert medical billing, collection and administrative services for medical practitioners. Whether you require a complete turnkey billing service from start to finish such as our B2K Billing Process or just need temporary staffing our experienced medical billing and collection team is sure to impress you. We would like to assist you in any way possible, so our first step is always to determine what type of services you need and what is important to you. Then we can decide what solutions are best for you. Listed below are some of the services and processes we offer.
We provide expert consulting and/or services for medical Accounts Receivables. We can work your aging reports to collect monies owed to you or just analyze your receivables issues and recommend processes to dramatic ally increase collections.


Medical Coding

Realizing appropriate payment for services is a challenge for healthcare providers, and it is becoming increasingly difficult. With higher self-pay and compliance increasing exponentially, there is greater opportunity for risk. Medical coding is a key activity that impacts the financial health of your practice. Without specialized expertise, focus, and an infrastructure to support the process, you are only increasing your exposure to risk. Healthcare Administrative Partners’ medical coding services help healthcare providers optimize revenue while minimizing compliance risk. Our deep knowledge of revenue cycle best practices, sharp focus on specialties, and advanced workflow management system deliver expert, predictable results. B2K guarantees accuracy and turnaround; is less costly and less hassle for practice managers and physicians.



We receive reports through our secured FTP site (256 Bit Encryption) and provide you with the report consisting of Patient Name, Date of Services, ICD & CPT codes with necessary modifiers.


We access your medical records online through a secured VPN connection. We instantly code them directly into your Medical Coding software.


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