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B2K is a premier back-office service provider from Tamilnadu, India. Since its inception in 2010, B2K has been bridging gaps between the quality of deliverables at its associated processing costs. With an unswerving commitment to this purpose, B2K has allowed itself to employ customer focussed process models and has established a strong foothold in the businesses of Content transformation and management. Serving the industry segments such as Publishing, Translation and Localization, Graphics and Imaging, Financial and Accounting, and HealthCare, B2K has exceeded its customer expectations by delivering on-time deliverables of high quality.

Established in Erode and having its extended production facility in Coimbatore, B2K drives itself towards its vision of achieving fullest customer satisfaction and enhancing the value of its customers, employees, and stakeholders by the talented workforce of over 200+ experienced associates.

Besides contributing to various domains of the company, the team powers B2K for continuous improvement and innovation in its processes to gain a competitive edge, ensuring the focus on quality.

The infrastructure is a high-tech, state of the art facility with climate control facility and has ergonomic seating to ensure composure. The design is well planned and is equipped with advanced hardware and software to facilitate seamless production. The locations are in the heart of the cities and were well connected with arterial roads, making the commute easy for our associates.

The resources are handpicked and offered training meticulously before being given the live projects. Metrics are arrived at and employed to ensure a level playing field and encourage specialization.The performance is monitored and evaluated by the respective team leads and appraised inline with the requirements. The gaps are identified and looked into with utmost commitment and concentration.


To be the pioneer in the data and content management arena with an array of solutions tailored at reaping optimum results, saving time and efforts with economies of scale, and be the preferred partner enabling the clients across a variety of domains to achieve sustainable growth. To be the employer of choice by offering seamless, safe, and democratic working conditions, encouraging teamwork and participation. With attention to detail approach, proactive decision making, and continuous improvement practice, we strive to increase the value of our customers, employees, and stakeholders.


To devise methods and measures to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction utilizing the experience acquired, handling the tasks with agility, focussing on core competencies with utmost care and concentration. To adeptly handle the processes, complying with the security and privacy conditions with the support of the team, techniques, and tools. Streamline and structure the delivery model following the client requirements and industry standards to carve a niche for ourselves.


Ensuring hassle-free delivery of customized, yet value-added outputs at all times using a transparent approach, trending technology, and a talented team, ensuring progress. Focussed on improving the quality of the deliverables through constant improvisation.

Lots of advantages

At B2K, customer comes first and all the measures are structured at increasing efficiency and increase the profitability of the customers by giving them the faster time to market. Partnering with B2K not only brings quality output on time but also offers other benefits as listed below.

  • Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Data Backup
  • Infrastructure
About Image