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Health Care

The availability of correct information is the centre point of any organization as it helps in effective decision making and future plans. It holds extreme significance since it reduces the burden of risking the future, while increasing the profit margins. B2K with its subject matter specialists a suite of health care support services including Medical Billing, Coding, AR Management and more

B2K assists healthcare providers and third-party associates with its HIPAA compliant service lines. Having gained experience over the years of working with healthcare organizations and providers organizations worldwide, B2K offers secured and obstacle free deliveries of high quality. With clear understanding of the process and the sensitivity of the data, B2K trains its associates before the start of the project and has a structured quality control mechanism to mitigate errors.

Biometric access control to the production facility and stipulated user access control to the systems ensure data security besides the other monitoring and access control and usage log management to control the usage of data.

The various range of healthcare support services rom B2K include