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B2K has vast experience in the process of developing and provision of materials for online learning to impart information, skills, and knowledge. E-learning has been increasingly evolving as a vital tool for standardization, quality assurance, knowledge sharing, and acceleration.

B2K is aware of the new learning trends and technologies and primarily has focused on creating relevant custom content for eLearning courses or training modules that meets the learning needs and goals of individuals and corporates. The main advantage of e-learning is the composition of the time, as learning can happen from wherever we are. Besides freedom of scheduling, it reduces costs and aids personalized teaching and learning while getting shared across multiple platforms and locations. B2K has a team of experts who can handle the creation of eLearning content and prepare courseware using various authoring tools. The success of any successful eLearning content depends on the visual attraction and engagement created by the interactive aspects and effective blend of attributes like case studies, images, assessment options, quizzes, etc. It is the need of the hour to get the content transformed into an engaging presentation. Whether it be a corporate training module or a business presentation or an academic course or an advertisement walkthrough or a product demo, the content should get delivered as highly interactive modules. B2K has a team of experts to handle

Here B2K, with its experienced resources, help organizations, individuals, academic training institutions, online learning academies, and others to prepare and present their content in the most appealing model and keep their audience engaged and enriched, with the quality and visibly attractive way of presentation, using appropriate authoring tools. Our standardized process of eLearning development is as below.