Why Us?

At B2K, customer comes first and all the measures are structured at increasing efficiency and increase the profitability of the customers by giving them the faster time to market. Partnering with B2K not only brings quality output on time but also offers other benefits as listed below.


World class resources at B2K help our customers with multiple options to process their data. From industry standard outputs to custom made solutions, the experience of the team comes to the forte. All processed are designed to attain optimum customer engagement and satisfaction.


With different models of operation to provide value added services at an affordable price, B2K offers flexibility in terms of turnaround time. Three shift operation across all days of the week enables B2k to support its clients seamlessly. Exclusive cell is an option where the client gets access to a dedicated team with a project manager in their time zones helping them to communicate parallelly with the production and inhouse team.


In today’s world, it is important to stay ahead of competition in terms of product range, quality and costing. B2K has the provision to scale the resources as per requirement, allowing its clients to leverage the costs and gain advantage by allowing them the time to market the products faster.


With highly secured working environment equipped with CCTV cameras and manned security to monitor people movement your data with B2K is highly secured. The production floor has access control limiting people entry. The USB drives are locked and storage devices of any kind including mobile phones are restricted. Workstations are exclusive and are monitored with the user access and log data. Internet is allowed in the requisite systems. The network is controlled by secured routers and firewalls with anti-virus programs are installed both on server and system to control vulnerability.


In addition to the non-disclosure agreements with our employees, B2K follows stringent procedures defined by policies to ensure confidentiality of the data. Printing is allowed only for the necessary cases and the data is logged. Most of the data is allowed for access from the server to avoid duplication or mismanagement.


The data is backed up regularly in the collocated servers using the mirroring technology to retrieve and access data at all times. Processed data is shared with the clients using the secured File transfer model s including FTP.


With and built up area of more than 10000 Sq. Ft, B2K has developed a sophisticated facility to house more than 1000 resources at one go. The network is structured with high end Optic LAN cables connecting systems to ensure seamless process management. The workstations are updated with necessary software and applications besides having antivirus application installed. Biometric access and CCTV monitoring systems control movement of people. Fire safety and disaster management procedures are well articulated with the team to manage the situation.