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Translation & Localization

In today’s global business environment adaptive approach towards competition provides and extra edge. So, it has become essential for companies and brands to go local. Considering the business requirement and the target market the content is localised in way that it appeals to the customers. The influencing factors like custom and habitual elements, language and geographical aspects, ethnicity and religious restrictions are attended to detail to bring the content a shape without compromising on the essence. The committed professionals at B2K help companies, advertisement agencies and publishers to devise strategies with its rich experience in supplying such services to a wide range of businesses.

With experts in handling various desktop applications like Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Quark Xpress, MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Imaging software like Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw, B2K provides its clients with high quality deliverables for both print and digital purposes. Documents or files without the source are effectively re-created for future storage and re-use.

The DTP services from B2K are not limited to